The transformation from
victim to survivor.


An inside look at best practices at
a major Baltimore medical center.

Law Enforcement

Ride with officers in Duluth, MN, Baltimore, MD and the Bronx, NY.


Conversations with battered
women's movement leaders.

How to Stream Power and Control


Power and Control is now streaming from AMAZON, and available for free to anyone on AMAZON PRIME.   If  you’ve seen the film and would like to arrange for a group or classroom screening, please consider a 14-day streaming license via New Day Films.  This license allows for screenings to groups of any size for 14 days.   If you are at a college, “Power and Control” can also be viewed through the Kanopy streaming platform. And if you would like to keep the film in your library, please consider purchasing the DVD or a longer term streaming license.   The DVDs are available from this site and through New Day.  If you are with a non-profit community organization that can’t afford any of these options, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help you out.

About Domestic Violence

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Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America

The definitive library of domestic violence videos

Ellen Pence

Ellen Pence
Domestic Violence Activist

Peter Cohn has captured two key social phenomenon in his documentary: the power of ordinary citizens to permanently alter the social conditions that fuel violence, and the power of a single woman to struggle for her dignity and her children’s safety against incredible social forces thwarting those simple goals of justice

Michael Paymar

Michael Paymar
Domestic Violence Activist

"Power and Control" demonstrates the complexities victims face at the hands of an abusive husband or boyfriend. This film encourages thoughtful dialogue on what we need to do to end domestic violence. I hope it receives widespread exposure."